Monday, March 31, 2014

Martial Arts Summer Day Camp


A Two Week Martial Arts Experience for ages 4-12

For two weeks at the end of July and the beginning of August, students will be taught various punches, kicks, and secret ninja moves at the St. Clair Shores center for all things action-packed... New Edge Martial Arts!

  • All participants will receive and learn how to use nunchucks!!! Don't worry, parents, they are kid-safe and made of foam!
  • Students will work on basics, punches, kicks, group drills, games, outdoor exercises, sparring, and forms under the guidance of experienced and friendly instructors.

Important Details About the Summer Camp
  • The event will run from July 28th - August 1st, as well as August 4th - 8th
  • Camp is from 9am - 12noon each day, with an option to stay an extra hour for an additional $10/day.
  • All students receive a Summer Camp t-shirt, foam nunchuck, snacks, beverages, and one pizza day per week.
  • The camp is $125/week, with registration beginning March 24th and ending July 21st.
Contact 313-885-5199 for more details,
as well as to register for the Day Camp.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tang Soo Do DVDs

Martial Arts practice can be both a fun as well as educational experience, with challenging kicks, strikes, throws, and various other techniques to keep the mind and body busy. One of the more difficult aspects of training that students approach me with is the memorization of forms. Traditional striking arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, and Tang Soo Do have patterns of movement that students must learn in order to move forward in the ranks. Forms can range from basic shapes that consist of repeating only a few skills, to complicated directions of strikes, blocks, and kicks that can take much longer to comprehend.

It is for this reason that I took it upon myself to create instructional DVDs in the two arts that I hold a 5th Dan Black Belt in, Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo. These DVDs show demonstrational views of all forms in each respective style, from white through 4th Degree Black Belt. Each pattern can be selected in various angles, as well as a slow motion speed, while maneuvering through easy-to-navigate menu screens. I have had many students share their feedback as to how the Tang Soo Do DVDs and Taekwondo DVDs have helped them in their training for various belts.

If you are someone that needs extra practice outside of the training hall in order to better comprehend your required patterns, you should give my DVD, "Tang Soo Do: A Visual Guide to Forms," a shot.

The DVDs can be purchased through my blog, or also on ebay and

Best of luck in your training!
-Master Kevin Nilson
New Edge Martial Arts, LLC
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In House Tournament and Belt Testing

March 2014 has been a busy month for the students and instructors at New Edge Martial Arts. A few weekends ago, students young and old, new and experienced, joined together to take part in an In-House Tournament that was held at my St. Clair Shores, MI Martial Arts school.

As you can see, the school was packed to the brim with students and families... some nervous for the competition, some excited to help or cheer, and some still in 'sleep mode,' due to the early morning time of the event.

Students had fun participating in both forms and sparring events, with medals for first, second, and third place going to the victors in their respective categories and divisions.

New Edge had a great group of assistants for the tournament. I am proud of everyone who helped with score keeping, coaching, warm-ups, time keeping, judging, and referee duties.


I took a brief second to break from my referee duties to pose with Drew and Sara Brown, who helped with the event, as well as Paul, a competitor student of mine.

Students warmed up with stretches as the instructors delegated tasks for the upcoming tournament.

Mr. Ian Dewey enjoyed a morning of helping out as a time and score keeper for the very first time.

Several youth students show off their prizes and smiles after their forms competition.

What a helpful group! A Black Belt brother and sister prepare to 'corner judge' a sparring match, as Kathy, a mother of one of my long-time students, offers her help by motivating students in each match-up.
Just this past Friday, students took part in both a youth and adult/black belt exam. Pictured below, many of the advanced as well as adult students pose with both Master Cindie and Master Kevin at the test. It was a big success, and everyone pulled their own weight and fought with their best efforts possible.

Many thanks to the volunteers and black belts that helped make the tournament and tests a success. Above, Miss Kate Freeman eagerly awaits her chance to help grade the Black Belt test scores for her fellow students.

What a way to kick off the beginning part of 2014!! I am very happy with the way the school is headed at the new location. Great students, amazing support, and a nice training hall to top it off. :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Community Service and Fitness Goals for Black Belt Test

This past December, I set a new testing requirement for my black belt students... a standard, more or less, that will help them develop both physically and mentally. Being a martial artist is a continued process that the student partakes, encountering stumbling blocks, lessons, and bruises along the way. It is during this, that the diligent practitioner can flourish on many levels. Increased stamina, flexibility, strength, and speed are all physical attributes that can be achieved through training. Confidence, humility, leadership, patience, and respect for self and others are all attainable through this persistence. The latter list, of course, is oftentimes more lengthy to develop. Both physical and mental benefits of martial arts training, much like any undertaking, are always a work in progress.

The new goals in which I have set for my black belt students serve to help them realize their potential for not only better athletic ability, but for leadership and compassion as well. Each student listed below will be testing for their respective degree of black belt on March 14th at New Edge Martial Arts. Aside from their years of dedication as long time students of mine, they are stepping above and beyond... choosing their own personal fitness goal as well as a community service task to complete before their physical, verbal, and written tests next month. I am very proud of each and every one of them.

Billy Dubay

Age: 15
Testing For: Black Belt
Fitness Goal: 25 pull ups a day, in addition to studying his patterns and
testing techniques every day prior to testing.
Community Service Goal: Billy has pledged to help his mom and neighbors with their
trash as well as snow removal during the winter.
Bio: Billy has been training at New Edge for six years. He has grown through
so many changes during his time in the martial arts, overcoming techniques that require
flexibility, memory, and agility with continued diligent practice as well as private lessons with Master Cindie New. Each and every year brings forth an improvement with Billy's skills, and I dare say he is one of the school's most improved students from start to finish. A welcoming personality, Billy accepts each new student with open arms and a willingness to lend a hand. He has oftentimes assisted with classes at the school, which I, as well as the other instructors and students, are very grateful for. I am very proud of his accomplishments and know that he will make an exceptional addition to the black belt group at New Edge Martial Arts.
Mackenzie Ford

Age: 13
Testing For: Black Belt
Fitness Goal: Mackenzie has pledged to take up snowboarding as a new activity.
Community Service Goal: Mackenzie has offered up her time, at her young age, to teach
classes at New Edge on Monday nights. She recently proved herself, as she taught two new
blue belts their patterns in ten minutes, which they memorized correctly.
Bio: Mackenzie has been a mainstay at New Edge Martial Arts for four years, continuously
challenging herself and making her movements as precise as possible. She has overcome
several obstacles in the form of fear and pain on the competition floor, but has
yet to give up and quit. Mackenzie has a strong sense of determination, and it has paid off for her.
She is a strong student and competitor, going up against boys her age at times when there
has been a lack of females to compete against at events. Like Billy, her deputy black belt peer,
she has volunteered her services at New Edge. Compassionate, friendly, cheerful, and ever dedicated,
I am very proud of her accomplishments and know she will make a great black belt.
Sara Brown
Age: 15
Testing For: 2nd Poom/Degree Black Belt
Fitness Goal: Running a mile a day and persisting to test despite suffering a recent broken arm
Community Service Goal: Sara has pledged to offer her services to various teachers
at her high school, as well as to volunteer at her church.
Bio: Sara is one of my Charter Member students, being at the school for close to nine years. During this time, I have been honored each and every day to have her in the academy. Sara is a constant source of positivity to her peers and instructors, and has a natural athletic ability that sets a good
pace for her fellow students to follow. She is a dedicated student, as testament to the fact that, even though just suffering a broken arm, she still plans on testing for her 2nd Degree Black Belt. She is
strong in the ring and crisp with her forms technique. Sara has also taken up more of a leadership
role this past year at the school, assisting in demonstrations, volunteering in classes, and judging/score keeping at tournaments. New Edge is proud to have Sara Brown as a student and black belt.
Benjamin Rappolee

Age: 15
Testing For: 3rd Poom/Degree Black Belt
Fitness Goal: Benjamin has pledged to pursue extra core and cardio activities each day prior to testing, and has also made a goal to participate in more self defense and Hap Ki Do classes per week.
Community Service Goal: Ben has offered his services at Gleaners, which is a food bank for the needy.
Bio: Ben is the longest remaining student at New Edge Martial Arts, having trained for nearly 9 years, and being the 8th student I have ever instructed in the martial arts. Ben is a very intelligent young man, be it at school or in the training hall. He has always used this to his advantage, memorizing forms and studying his opponents' movements to give him the upper hand. He also been gifted with speed, flexibility, and agility... as can be seen while he performs his acrobatic flying kicks across the mat. Ben is a hard worker and is dedicated to the martial arts, having returned more than once after suffering a sports-related injury. He has recently become more of a leader
at the school, specifically when working together with the lower ranking black belts in the
advanced class. I am extremely proud of him, and look forward to seeing him, as well as
the other students, test for their black belts on March 14, 2014.



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Students Set Goals for Their Next Black Belt Test

As a student and teacher of various martial art styles, I have found over the years that training and partaking in this is much more than a hobby and sport. It is a way of life, in one way or another, that helps the individual seek and find growth within themselves. It also should, in my opinion, give the student the strength of mind and soul to encourage others within their families and communities to make a difference. This is especially true when the student reaches a higher level of skill in whatever martial art that they partake in, specifically around the time when they attain the rank of black belt or greater.

In teaching my own students, I strive to educate them on how to behave in class, at school, and around their families. I also hope that, within their training, they will grow in humility in their dealings with all others around themselves. I teach that martial artists are strong in spirit as well as body, overcoming obstacles and also giving strength to those in need. Over the past few months, I have taken more strides in this approach, more than just educating them on the fundamentals of kicking, punching, throwing, etc. I am proud to say that a good majority of my youth (and also adult,) higher ranking students have stepped up to voluntarily assist with the younger classes offered at New Edge Martial Arts. Not only has it helped the youngest of students with their techniques, but it has also aided in generating more patience, understanding, cooperation, and leadership in my assistants.

After witnessing the growth in my school's younger classes due to the voluntary efforts of my advanced students, I decided to implement a new task for my students testing at the black belt level. Well, two tasks, to be more precise. The first is a personal physical fitness goal. The second is a community service goal, in which they must volunteer time for a cause of their choosing. Not only will this help their community, but it will also strengthen their sense of leadership and also generate more interest in New Edge Martial Arts and training as a whole.

I am proud to share the following students, as well as their goals they have set for their upcoming belt tests.

  • Erynn Long, age 12, will be tutoring elementary school children in their classes. For her physical fitness goal, she has set for herself the task of being able to do five consecutive pull-ups come test time. She started at not being able to do any, and last time I checked, she was up to three. She has very solid technique all-around, and enjoys helping out with the younger classes.
  • Kate Alltop, age 11, will be helping her teacher with various tasks after school up until her test time. She also has set the goal of running one and a half miles everyday prior to her next belt test. Two very big goals for someone her age. I know I personally would not have been as motivated at age eleven. Kate also assists with the youth classes at the school.
  • Jose Villegas, age 9, pledges to shovel snow and rake the leaves for his family as well as neighbors. He has also set a pretty solid goal of being able to do 800 pushups in a week from now until test time. Even though he is the youngest tester in the group, his dedication and desire to train his hardest makes him just as strong as the other students in this promotion.

  • Javier Villegas, age 11, will be walking his neighbor's dogs from now until test time. Like his brother, he has also set the goal of being able to do 800 pushups in a week from now until his next test. Both Villegas brothers, as well as the other students listed, are dedicated to attending classes several times per week. The brothers specifically have had countless sessions in private lessons at the school.
  • Govind Suresh, age 12, pledged to volunteer at SOC, Services for Older Citizens.
    He has also taken up the task of running around 1.7 miles a day. One of my longest remaining students, I have been honored to know this patient, kind, and talented young man for almost nine years. He never hesitates to help out in whatever capacity is needed of him.

  • Drew Brown, age 13, returned to training several months ago from a two year hiatus. It is great to see him, as well as his older sister, back in class. Drew pledges to help his neighbor with the trash as well as other yard maintenance duties. He has also made a goal of practicing all of his patterns each day, and doing a series of core strengthening and speed exercises each day to strengthen his physical technique.

  • Max Driscoll, age 13, is also one of my longest remaining students. Like some of his peers, he has begun to participate in the adult classes at New Edge Martial Arts. Max volunteered at Cops for Kids, in which he packaged, labeled, and sorted toys for kids. He also regularly volunteers at Lou's Pet Shop. Other than his regular visits to class as well as the gym, Max has set an additional half an hour each day for further physical exercise to better prepare himself for his next test.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

XTK- Yoga-Based Martial Arts Fitness Class!!!

New Edge Martial Arts, LLC will be holding a workshop for XTK. Vinyasa Yoga, with a Martial Arts edge. Coming Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 1pm! Message me or call 313-885-5199 for details on the workshop! Be a part of a unique experience. :)

XTK is a new yoga-based fitness system created by the combined efforts of Tim Clark and Master Kevin Nilson.

Friday, October 11, 2013

GROUPON DEALS for Martial Arts and Self Defense

New Edge Martial Arts in St. Clair Shores, MI is now back on GROUPON!!!
Check out these amazing deals for New and Non-Current students!!!

New Edge Groupon Deals

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Private Lessons with Master Kevin

Master Kevin is now available for Private Lessons during the week before 4pm.
Sessions are suited towards the individual needs of any client, be it sparring, forms, self defense, general fitness, Hap Ki Do, weapons, or anything in between!!!

Group and Multi-Session Discounts are available at very competitive prices!

Call 313-885-5199 and ask for Master Kevin!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back To School Specials

New and Returning Students:
Buy 2 Month Trial, Get 3rd Month FREE
(Includes Unlimited Classes and Uniform!!!)*
*offer expires 9/20/13 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Exciting New Chapter

New Edge Martial Arts, LLC
Est. 5/2005
Relocated 4/2013

After eight years in business, Master Cindie and I are proud to acknowledge that we are still going strong at New Edge Martial Arts, LLC. Spending the first chapter of our business venture in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, we finally became too big for our school's last location. We very much appreciate and still serve the Grosse Pointe Community, and love all of the students and friends we have met in our journey as martial arts school owners. It is remarkable to note that several of our original students still attend classes with us on a regular basis. What an incredible statement it is for us, to know that our academy is of the quality that entices customers to return year after year!

Now located just less than a mile down the road in St. Clair Shores, we boast a larger facility, a sizeable free parking lot, amazing business neighbors in Luna Cafe, Cedar Gardens, Dan Good Pizza, among others, and a much greater visibility from the street. The new school is equipped with a brand new training floor as well as set-up, and it looks beautiful. It is an outstanding new location that will be able to host our ever increasing student database.

Since our move, we have already welcomed numerous new students as well as return students who haven't trained in years. We participated in June Fest 2013, which better showcased New Edge Martial Arts to the public eye, and allowed our students to put on a fun outside demonstration. A few weeks ago we also held the largest FREE self defense class that we have taught in 8 years. Certainly a good sign.

Master Cindie and I would like to thank each and every person that has been a part of the New Edge experience over the past 8+ years. Thank you for the smiles, the hard work, dedication, and lasting friendships that have made this business venture more than worth the blood, sweat, and tears we have put into it.

How about another amazing 8 years? I think so!

-Master Kevin Nilson

Monday, February 4, 2013

Groupon Martial Arts Deals

New Edge Martial Arts Groupon Deals

Go to the above link for up to 78% off of trial memberships for martial arts and self defense classes
at New Edge Martial Arts.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Taekwondo DVD coming soon!!

New Edge Martial Arts, LLC, is happy to announce the future 2012 release of a NEW TAEKWONDO DVD. Tentatively titled, 'Taekwondo Essentials,' the DVD will contain crisp visuals and detailed step-by-step instuction of techniques, with each being narrated to further assist viewers. Bonus material will also allow students to view a 'Taekwondo Class,' allowing them to participate with the class while at home or on vacation. Skills included in the bonus 'class' range from kicks and strikes to cardiovascular and core conditioning, as well as stretching.

With 'Tae Kwon Do: A Visual Guide to Forms' and 'Tang Soo Do: A Visual Guide to Forms' already being successful on Amazon and Ebay, there is a good future for this third future release from New Edge Martial Arts. The company also has plans for a series of martial arts-related instructional dvds to reach a wider audience.

More news on the DVD as well as the release will follow in the coming weeks and months.

Friday, May 4, 2012


A great resource for the martial arts community, is one of a kind. Owner Stace Sanchez is no different, treating every practitioner he comes into contact with, no matter how acclaimed or talented, with the most sincere of respect. Stace travels the globe in order to capture amazing and awe-inspiring snapshots of kicks and flying acrobatics. Showcasing his work on his website, facebook, and youtube, martial artists get a chance to see different aspects of the community as well as ideas that can improve their overall technique. Stace also creates calendars and other memorabilia that highlights the best of the best, allowing his clients to be the stars.

Here are some of my favorite shots that he has taken of students of mine:

Sports Related Injury Helps Me Grow as a Teacher

November 7th, 2011, I suffered a sports-related injury. My ACL, MCL, and meniscus in my left knee were torn at the same time... with doctors stating that I would have a recovery time of at least a year until I would return to 100%.
As a martial arts school owner, this was obviously a devastating blow not only to how I would teach class, but also how I would need to overcome this as a mental hurdle. Teaching around 40+ hours, as well as enjoying trips to the gym and going for runs each week, put me in an athletic mindset. I was also elated prior to the injury, as I was given a huge compliment. Two members of the United States National Taekwondo team told me that I should try out for the team... as they felt I would be a good representative of the country.
For over a month, I was sidelined from operating my business, both in the office and on the mat. As the head instructor at my martial arts school, this was a scary process to experience. I am eternally glad, however, for the assistance that my mother and advanced students gave me during this time.
Seven months down the road, my knee is stable, for the most part. I still participate in rehab exercises on a daily basis, but I can see the slow improvement. Since most of my teaching now consists of very light demonstrations and more speaking instead of showing, I have grown exponentially in teaching Taekwondo, Hap Ki Do, and Tang Soo Do. It has also helped me grow as a leader.
I am able to sit back and examine each and every one of my students, young and old, much better than before the injury. More on the sidelines at the moment, it is easier not only to pinpoint weaknesses and strengths, but to correct or appreciate them moreso with a commanding voice and presence.
My slowed-down physicality has also assisted with my lesson plans. The class ideas that I have come up with, be it sparring technique, traditional forms practice, self defense, boot-camp conditioning exercises, or even referee leadership skills, are much more regimented and solid than prior to my injury.
As far as handling office duties, I am also more prompt and focused. I have a set schedule that I adhere to, making sure that each and every responsibility is taken care of. It is interesting to note that my school has more white belts currently than in recent memory. I find it intriguing, because even though I may be sidelined due to an injury, new students keep signing up. I am very happy with New Edge Martial Arts at the moment.
My point in the matter is this- even though I have been weakened physically, I called upon my other skills to assist, as opposed to giving up. It is too easy to just decide to quit when the going gets rough. It takes character to overcome obstacles and triumph. I believe that everyone has that ability to fight and succeed, no matter what hardships come before them. I hope that anyone who suffers from an injury, illness, or anything else for that matter realizes that they are stronger than what harms them. Everyone has worth.

God Bless!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Courtesy: Politeness, consideration of others, respectfulness.
Integrity: Personal pride, honor, morality, wholeness.
Perseverence: Continuing to try to achieve a goal in spite of obstacles, persistence.
Self-Control: Being responsible for one's own actions and behavior.
Indomitable Spirit: Strength of mind and soul.

The above listed are the Tenets of Taekwondo, as taken from 'Dong Yang Moo Sool Do Textbook' by Sun Hwan Chung.

It is my desire and lifelong practice to live as close to these principles as possible. Taekwondo, as an art, strengthens my spirit. Meshing well with my faith in God, practicing the art of Taekwondo allows me to not only see my flaws, but to continually work on them.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Holidays and update

Hey friends, students, and martial arts enthusiasts...

  I wanted to take this time to wish every single one of you a very happy holiday season. God Bless you and yours during this time meant for peace, love, and joy! :)

A little update on me... on the 7th of November, I suffered a knee injury. My ACL and MCL were completely torn, and I will be having surgery on December 2nd. The recovery will take awhile, obviously, but I have the support of each and every one of my friends and family members to get me through it. I also am blessed to have so many wonderful adult and youth black belts at New Edge Martial Arts, that have been assisting with classes during my injury. It is really nice to know that when times are rough, kindness sees everything through.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tang Soo Do Forms DVD

Tang Soo Do Forms DVD-
Available at Amazon, Ebay, and
Includes white belt through 5th Degree Black Belt Forms:
Kicho Hyung 1-4
Pyung Ahn 1-5
Naihanchi 1-3
Sip Soo
Chin Do
Kong Sang Koon
Ro Hai

Bonus Forms: 12 Patterns created by Senior Grand Master James Sun Hwan Chung
Forms shown in selectable angles and normal/slow speeds
Easy-to-navigate menu screens with music

Tae Kwon Do Forms DVDs

DVD available at Amazon, ebay, and
Includes all white belt through 4th Degree Black Belt WTF style forms:
Taegeuk 1-8

Bonus Forms: 12 Patterns created by Senior Grand Master James Sun Hwan Chung
Forms shown in selectable angles and normal/slow speeds
Easy-to-navigate menu screens with music

Friday, June 24, 2011

Katherine Elizabeth New

Katherine Elizabeth New (June 3rd, 1920 - June 21st, 2011)

Katherine (Kaye, Kitty, Katia) was many things throughout her long life not only to me, but everyone she touched in some way. Loving, selfless, sharp as a tac, and humorous to no end... a true joy to spend time with. A daughter, sister, mother, game show enthusiast, piano player, cook, friend, and even a World War II vet. To me, she was a best friend and most of all, my grandma. Thank you for the memories and legacy- have fun with Jesus. ♥